10 Ways To Reinvent Your Best Online Content Marketing Courses

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  • Date: January 12, 2023
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Best Online Content Marketing Courses : The Samurai Way

As content marketing becomes increasingly important in businesses of all sizes.

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It’s essential for employees to have the skills necessary to produce high-quality content that is why I am discussing here about 10 Best Online Content Marketing Courses.

Fortunately, there are a number of online content marketing courses available that will teach you everything you need to know in order to start producing quality content on a regular basis.

10 Best Online Content Marketing Courses To Start Your Career (Free & Paid)

Which content marketing course is best for you?

It all comes down to what you’re looking to achieve – whether you want to learn how to market your business using content marketing strategies, learn how to optimize your website for search engine optimization, or improve your writing skills so that your content stands out from the crowd.

No matter which course you choose, make sure you take full advantage of its benefits by attending a course that is popular and suited to your needs!

What is content marketing?

There’s no doubt that content marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies out there.

It’s not only great for attracting and retaining customers, but it’s also an important marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. So, what is content marketing?

Simply put, content marketing is the creation and distribution of valuable content to attract and retain customers. There are many free and paid online content marketing courses available that can help you get started in this field.

Make sure to choose the course that best suits your needs and goals before enrolling, as not all courses are created equal. Once you’ve mastered the basics, continue developing your skills with paid content marketing courses!

If you’re interested in content marketing and want to start your career in this field, it’s important to have the right tools and knowledge.

Fortunately, there are many online content marketing courses available, which can provide you with the foundations you need.

Once you’ve selected a course, make sure you enroll in order to gain the most from the program.

Additionally, online content marketing is an ever-growing industry, so be prepared for future job opportunities.

Narrow down your choices and enroll in the course that best suits your needs and goals. With the right course and tools, content marketing can be a great way to build a successful online business.

10 Best Online Content Marketing Courses

American Marketing Association(Paid)

Content Marketing Certification-10 Best Online Content Marketing Courses

Content Marketing Certification

The Content Marketing Certification ensures you know the strategy, planning, production, promotion and measurement techniques needed to stand out from the competition.

AMA Member $249 & Non-AMA Member $349

What’s Included

  • Book of Knowledge that recommends learning paths to prepare for the exam.
  • Three attempts at the PCM® Content Marketing exam

Hubspot Academy (Free)

Content Marketing Course: Get Certified in Content Marketing

FREE Certification Course

This certification course will give you an overview of how to become an effective content marketer.

Who is this for?

  • Marketing Professionals
  • Inbound Professionals
  • Content Producers

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn a content creation framework for producing effective content on a consistent basis
  • Create and repurpose content that both humans and search engines will love
  • Become a stronger, leaner, and more strategic content marketer

Course Details:

12 lessons

54 videos

11 quizzes

7:24 hours

Linkedin – Learning-Content Marketing Course(Paid)

A well-crafted content marketing strategy can greatly increase visibility of your brand, help build credibility, and create an enduring relationship with your audience.

Expert marketing consultant Brian Honigman explains content marketing concepts and benefits, then explores a step-by-step approach for organizations of all sizes to succeed with this strategic marketing approach.

Brian covers how to create a content plan, choose content types, and develop an editorial calendar. He then explores how to write, edit, and design content, as well as how to choose the right mix of content and curate it for maximum impact.

Earn a sharable certificate

Share what you’ve learned, and be a standout professional in your desired industry with a certificate showcasing your knowledge gained from the course.

Sample certificate-Content Marketing Course free

LEARNINGLinkedIn LearningCertificate of Completion

  • Showcase on your LinkedIn profile under “Licenses and Certificate” section
  • Download or print out as PDF to share with others
  • Share as image online to demonstrate your skill

Course Fee-Rs.899.99/- one time cost.


Advanced Content Marketing Certification Training Course

This Advanced Content Marketing Course trains participants to produce compelling marketing content, concentrating on the vital strategies, tactics, and best practices that a writer needs to create and enhance an effective content marketing strategy.

Course Curriculum


This content marketing training course will be of particular interest to professionals working in fields including digital marketing, online content planning, business development, social media, search marketing, public relations, organizational communication, and brand ambassadorship.


Individuals are expected to have a fair understanding of popular search engines as well as working knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Course Fee-Rs.13545/- one time cost.


Free Content Marketing Training Course

4.59118 Learners EnrolledBeginner Level

The free content marketing course helps you become a skilled content marketer. Learn content marketing basics and advanced concepts.

Understand what goes into the creation of a framework that can churn out effective content consistently.

Get all the insights on creating and repurposing content that both search engines and audiences will love.


Udemy Course-10 Best Online Content Marketing Courses To Start Your Career
Udemy Course

This course helps people get started in content writing techniques or to improve their blogs by providing them with more information.

The instructors are professional copywriters who teach you the basics to become an effective blog writer.

This book will show you how you can turn a blog into a profitable business through the use of keywords such as Search engine Optimization and increasing email.

For someone with very short attention spans. Having an interactive and informative video tutorial will make the video course fun and include a detailed explanation of the content.

Tomas Moravek’s course

Copywriting & Content Marketing Course: Be a Pro Copywriter

Be a Content Marketing, SEO & Copywriting Expert: Profit with Content Marketing: 2022’s Most Powerful Copywriting Course


Rating: 4.2 out of 54.2 (856 ratings)

82,220 students

Created by Ing. Tomas Moravek | Facebook Ads ExpertBeck Robertson


Ahrefs free blogging course-10 Best Online Content Marketing Courses To Start Your Career
Ahref free blogging course

A blog course by Ahrefs will help you start blogging as an e-commerce business. This course teaches the student to learn about content creation and how to create a good linkworthy website.

The lesson was on the use of outreach techniques to promote blogs. Content is customized for a user to understand the marketing techniques to develop blogs into a thriving online business.

Who is this course for?

  • Content marketing professionals
  • Bloggers and freelance writers
  • Digital marketing team leaders

If you want to drive real business growth through your content marketing efforts, then this course will change the way you do digital marketing.

40 lessons

In 11 modules

4h 50m


ClickMinded provides a comprehensive learning experience for beginners as well as for those looking for further learning.

This course was recommended by AppSumo and Neil Patel and has attracted more than 3000 participants.This course teaches specialised knowledge about SEO. After you complete your course you’ll know how to build and manage a website with keywords that you can easily find.

The course has eight sections, which include bonuses lessons on “Enterprise Link Building,” “Local SEO,” “Pinterest SEO” and “Amazon SEO”.


Coursera-content marketing course
Coursera-content marketing course

The course was jointly produced with the largest online education platform, Coursera, and the University of Illinois.

This is a beginner’s course that provides a comprehensive introduction to digital marketing.

Coursera’s digital marketing specialty includes theoretical courses that will suit tough students preparing for the program.

A seven course series includes marketing analytical concepts, “Marketing Analytics as an analytical method”, digital advertising and the digital marketing capstone.

Content Marketing Course free – Coursera

Sonia Simone’s -The Strategy of Content Marketing

QuickSprout University

What is the best way to write compelling articles? Please visit QuickSprout University for lessons.

The team knows that a collection of articles isn’t going to be enough to make an impact in this online world. This page has been designed to provide the reader with the tools and information needed to generate effective content.

In addition to tips about content writing and writing, these sessions focus on how to improve and keep yourself occupied while working in content writing jobs.

The Blueprint Training

Blueprint’s content marketing courses focus on how important it is to create a content strategy for the best results. It aims to transform beginner Content Marketing specialists and SEO professionals.

In registering for this course the participant will learn different aspects of content marketing like search engine optimization, keyword gaps, audiences personages and pitching.

The package also includes unlimited content marketing modules, video courses and Slack Channel.


Domestika-Online Content Marketing Course
Domestika-Online Content Marketing Course

This course covers everything about content marketing. Marketing and Strategy Helena Pearce was the managing director of content for major companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Microsoft, and now PlayStation.

Helena shows you step-by-step the creative process to build dynamic content marketing for brands and companies.

How do I develop an effective online communication strategy? The program includes multimedia presentations, case studies, and resources.

EMarketing Institute

This lesson covers emarketing as part of an overall e-learning program for online marketers.

Content marketing consists of four different stages – content development, optimization, management – content distribution. Around 20,000 students registered and received free eBooks by the eMarketing Institute in the past year. If you want to take this course by yourself you can simply download a free pdf.

Are content marketing courses worth it?

Content marketing plays an important role in digital marketing campaigns. There is no huge gap between content marketing for SEO, social networking marketing or email marketing.

Content marketing teaches you to publish content and decide what to publish. Once we get there, it will make the entire process much easier.

How do you develop content marketing skills and become more successful at it?


This online content marketing courses will show you how to do Content Marketing. Find out more ways to build the social media presence on your website.

Learn how important keywords are for your page and how important voice search will be. Having completed these courses will ensure DMI accreditation internationally.

How does content marketing help businesses?

There’s no doubt that content marketing is one of the most effective strategies for businesses of all sizes. It can be used to drive traffic to websites, generate leads, and increase sales.

However, it can be a bit daunting to get started. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best free and paid online content marketing courses that can help you get started in this exciting career field.

Whether you’re new to content marketing or you want to improve your existing skills, these courses will help you achieve your goals. So what are you waiting for? Start your content marketing career today!

What are the benefits of content marketing?

Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies for businesses of all sizes. By creating compelling content, you’ll attract more search engine traffic and increase brand awareness.

This can in turn lead to more organic traffic to your business site, which in turn can help you drive conversions and grow your business.

Plus, content marketing is a great way to build relationships with potential customers and generate leads.

Ultimately, content marketing is a powerful tool that can help your business in a variety of ways. So why not give it a try?

There are a number of great online content marketing courses available that will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

Which online content marketing courses teach SEO best?

Starting your career in online content marketing can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. To get started, it’s important to find the right course that covers all the necessary topics.

After you finish the course, be sure to have a strong website with good visibility through search engine optimization (SEO).

Once you have a website and a strong online presence, it’s time to start marketing your content in the right way.

There are many great content marketing courses available, but some teach SEO best.

Make sure the course you choose covers all the basics, like how to develop an email list and create valuable blog posts that can be shared across social media platforms. With a course like this in your toolkit, online content marketing will be a breeze!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn content marketing?

It can be difficult to learn content marketing on your own, so one of the best ways to learn is by taking online courses. There are many different content marketing courses available for free or for a small fee.

Once you’ve completed your course, it’s important to put what you’ve learned into practice by writing and publishing articles on your own website or blog. This will help you improve your skills as a content marketer.

What are the 7 steps of content marketing?

There are seven steps to content marketing, and they are as follows:

1. Understand your audience and what they want.

2. Create valuable and engaging content around the topic.

3. Come up with a topic or idea that will interest them.

4. Distribute the content through various channels, like social media, email marketing, blog posts, etc.

5. Monitor the success of your campaign by looking at engagement rates, traffic numbers, and other key indicators.

6. Adjust your content marketing strategy as needed in order to continue achieving desired results.

7. Take content marketing to the next level by experimenting with new strategies and methods that can help you reach your target audience even more effectively.

Are Google certificate courses free?

Sadly, most online content marketing certificate courses that involve Google are not free.

In fact, the majority of them usually cost between $100 and $200. That said, there are also a few paid content marketing certificate courses that you may want to consider.

One of the best-known paid courses is the Social Media Marketing Certificate from Udemy.

However, make sure to compare course fees and quality before investing your money in any content marketing course.

What is content marketing for beginners?

When it comes to content marketing, beginner-level starters can learn a lot by reading online courses like HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing 101:

Everything You Need To Know For Beginners, Copyblogger’s SEO Hero Academy: How To Publish Influential, Visible & Profitable Blog Posts And Grow Your Business Fast!,

Google Adwords Master Class by Robert Scoble & Sandra Scoble – Learn How To Reach More People With Ads!, and others.

These courses teach you how to create engaging content that will resonate with your target audience and help you connect with them on an emotional level.

Furthermore, content marketing is the process of creating and publishing useful and interesting content that can be found online.

This content can be anything from blog posts to e- books to video tutorials. By writing content that is RELEVANT to your target audience, you can guarantee better engagement and conversion rates.

What should I look for when choosing a content marketing course?

When it comes to choosing a content marketing course, the most important thing to consider is the level of expertise that the instructor possesses.

This means that you want to make sure that the course you are enrolling in is taught by a marketing expert who knows their stuff.

In addition to the instructor’s skill set, you should also be looking for course titles that match your career goals and interests.

For instance, if you’re interested in social media marketing, then you may want to check out courses like Google Analytics For Marketing, Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses, PR & Advertising Bootcamp – Toronto Edition, and Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups.

Finally, it’s important to make sure that the course you choose is tailored specifically to your needs and interests.

This way, you’ll avoid getting bored or frustrated with the material while learning at your own pace.

Which tools and techniques will I need to be successful with my career as a content marketer?

To be successful as a content marketer, you’ll need to find a course or program that will teach you everything from beginner level to advanced levels.

This course or program should be reputable and have real-world examples of people who have succeeded with its techniques.

Some of the tools that you’ll need to be successful with your career as a content marketer include social media, SEO, email marketing, and lead generation campaigns.

You’ll also need to be well-versed in online marketing so that you can target the right audience with the right content and strategies.

The Best Content Writing Service for Long Blog Post


After reading this blog, you will know everything there is to know about content marketing.

From what content marketing is, to the benefits it provides, to the best online content marketing courses for you to start your career in this field. So what are you waiting for?

Start learning content marketing today and see the amazing results for yourself!

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