Best Sales Funnel Copywriting Guide in 2022

  • By: Subir Goswami
  • Date: December 28, 2022
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Sales funnel copywriting is an essential part of any marketing strategy, and it’s important to have a good guide to help you write effective sales funnel copy.

In this article, we’ll provide you with the best sales funnel copywriting guide in 2022.

We’ll cover the different elements of a good sales funnel, how to create a compelling call to action, and more.

Have a look at the web page for Lenskart – an eyewear business.

If you’re a customer who needs new glasses, it can be difficult to actually try the try on the internet but now a days you can’t say not possible.

Why would you choose to purchase from this store?

But wait, there’s a strong headline compelling enough to allow customers to test out glasses before buying them.

lenskart example for best Sales funnel copywriting guide-Slide-1, written by Subir Goswami content marketer, copywriter
Strong Headline
lenskart example for best Sales funnel copywriting guide-Slide-2, written by Subir Goswami content marketer, copywriter

So, let’s go and shop now.

With the massive number of styles available to choose from, how do you determine what pair is most appropriate for you?

Lenskart product description for best Sales funnel copywriting guide written by Subir Goswami content marketer, copywriter
See the call-to-action

We are then allowed to complete a questionnaire to find the style best fits our faces.

Do you understand the direction this is taking?

Let’s dive deep into the art of copywriting sales funnels.

What is copywriting for sales funnels?

Copywriting is an essential part of any effective sales funnel.

It helps to create interest in your product, convinces buyers to take the next step and buy, and keeps them engaged along the way.

A good copywriter understands how to write persuasive sales letters that convert leads into customers.

There are many different sales funnels, each requiring another type of copywriting. Here are three types of funnels you may encounter in your business:

1) The lead capture funnel captures leads from potential customers by using forms or contact forms on your website or landing page.

2) The conversion funnel converts leads into paying customers by activating their accounts or completing a required action such as purchasing a product or signing up for a newsletter.

Ensure that your copywriting focus on the customer’s purposes. Your business’s purposes should not be the focus.

by Subir Goswami

Reread that statement.

Your customers won’t care about your needs as long as their requirements are met.

It is the truth of business and the environment in which we live.

People naturally focus on them and not other people.

Your business goals are aligned if your customer’s purpose is solved. Your readers and customers come first.

Ultimately, it is your customers who click the ‘buy’ button.

What is an effective sales funnel?

An effective sales funnel a strategic process that helps lead to sales. A sales funnel can be thought of as a series of steps that help convert leads into customers.

An effective sales funnel aims to help your business grow sustainably.

Many factors go into designing an effective sales funnel. One of the most critical factors is copywriting.

Effective copywriting helps your business stand out from the competition and capture the attention of potential customers.

It also enables you to create a compelling case for buying your product or service.

A sales funnel’s design must include another vital element. It would help if you created a user-friendly interface that allows potential customers to navigate. Additionally, you must ensure your website looks professional and engages with your target audience.

What are the stages of the sales funnel?

The sales funnel a marketing strategy used to increase the number of sales conversions by guiding potential customers through a sequence of activities that leads to purchasing a product or service.

The sales funnel has five main stages: awareness, interest, motivation, decision-making, and action.

At the awareness stage, potential customers are introduced to your product or service through various channels, such as online advertising, PR campaigns, and blog posts.

At the interest stage, they become intrigued by what you offer and start exploring it more deeply.

This might involve reading your website content or reviews, watching your product video clips on YouTube or other platforms, or listening to your audio demos.

At the motivation stage, potential customers become emotionally attached to what you have to offer and start looking for ways they can use it in their own lives.


Creating a solution for the customer is the initial stage of awareness. Sometimes, the customer doesn’t recognize that they are facing a problem until they are presented with the answer. Solutions can be found in products, services or even ideas.

Some examples of awareness that can be present:

  • Social media posts
  • Landing Page
  • Calls-to-action
  • Blog Posts
  • Search Engine Optimization
  1. Interest

You’ve got your client’s attention, but staying on the lookout for more is essential. At this point, the client is looking up details about the item and is looking at different alternatives.

This is where the high-quality copywriting and content come into the picture. We’re not selling our customers; however, we inform the client to increase their curiosity.

Examples include customers engaging in informative content, signing up for an email mailing list, following in on social media or completing an inquiry.

  1. A Decision

You’ve written impressive content

…sparked the interest of the customer

…kept them interested

…now it’s time to market these.

The customer has finally come to the conclusion of the benefits your service or product will be beneficial to them. Now, the customer has decided to buy and is ready to buy.

To aid in the decision-making process, that is the time when sales pages play a role.

However, you must make the offer compelling to ensure you don’t lose your potential customer.

Strategies such as efficient CTAs, including free shipping, offering discounts, or adding additional benefits, are ways to make the sale last.

  1. Action

Congratulations! You’ve successfully turned a lead into paying customers by making them complete an online purchase!

It is essential to ensure that the sale and transaction go as smoothly as possible.

The most important thing you don’t want is customers to change their minds after checking out because of a poor customer experience.

  1. Retention

Did you think that it was over?

It’s not exactly.

Why not keep innovating to increase the revenue of your company?

This is a chance to turn customers into repeat customers, which means you don’t need to do the same work repeatedly.

  • Develop a follower base from an email address.
  • Increase your social media presence.
  • Provide support to customers.
  • Show your appreciation to them as loyal clients.

The aim is to make your customers refer their family and friends to the fantastic service you offer.

To let their family and friends know their family and friends. And so on.

This way, your money is earned, as your customers will bring more customers.

Copywriting types used in sales funnels?

Sales funnels are a popular way to market and sell products or services. Copywriting can be essential in a sales funnel, helping create a positive customer experience and increase conversion rates.

Here are four common copywriting types used in sales funnels:

Blog posts

Blog posts are primarily employed to increase awareness and ‘interest’ phases in the funnel sales. When used as informative content like videos, infographics, or explanations, blog posts serve as a way to introduce visitors.

This is why optimized copywriting is vital to the visibility of your content to natural customers. It is crucial to remember that blog posts are not meant to solely serve as a way to encourage purchase decisions.

Instead, blog posts should be content intended to be informative for reasons to increase interest and awareness of your product.

Social media

This type of copy is designed to help customers connect with one another and build relationships. It can include posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Effective social media copywriting is essential for any business that relies on social media to connect with customers and generate leads.

When writing compelling sales funnel copy, you must remember that the goal is to get people to take action (by filling out a form or clicking a link) and keep them engaged.

Hence, they come back again and again.

Here are four tips for creating compelling sales funnel copy:

  1. Speak their language. Understand your target audience and write in a style that resonates with them. For example, if you’re targeting digital marketers, use words like “unique” and “effective” rather than “cool” and “hipster-y.”
  2. Keep it short and sweet.

Email campaigns

Another effective copywriting method is focusing on the retention and interest stages. The sales funnel copywriting strategies include informative features such as reviews or testimonials following steps, educational videos, and coupon codes.

While advertisements such as PPC aren’t organic sources for traffic generation, advertising channels require optimization.

This means the extensive study of niche competitors within the SERP, critical phrase analysis, and the use of key phrases to boost your advertising.

Landing Page

This copy helps visitors move from the homepage (or landing page) down the funnel to make a purchase.

Copywriting is an essential part of any sales funnel. Various copywriting types can be used in different parts of the funnel, from guides to paid digital advertising to article lists and galleries. Here are four examples:

Guides are a great way to introduce potential customers to your product or service. They can be simple overviews or complete walkthroughs, and they can be designed for use on your website, in email marketing campaigns, or even as standalone PDFs.


Another rich resource is comprehensive enough to function as a reference or model to do something. If it’s written with care, like a long-form copy, or ‘ultimate guidebooks that can generate massive numbers of page views and backlinks.

More backlinks or page views equal more leads entering your sales funnel and possibly buying.


Infographics are a great way to communicate complex information in an easily digestible format.

They can be used on your website or in email marketing campaigns to help explain your product or service in more detail.

They can also be used as standalone pieces of marketing collateral.


The summation of information about a particular topic or story is usually available on digital platforms such as magazines or online news.


The content is organized chronologically or numerically, much like articles. Lists can also be composed for demonstrating steps or procedures in achieving an objective.


Directories are an excellent way to show off your company’s breadth and depth of product offerings. Blog posts can provide valuable insights into the industry, while paid digital advertising can target critical demographics with specific offers.

Article lists can give potential customers a comprehensive overview of your product or services.


With a focus on the visual aspect, galleries draw users in and catch their attention. If they are optimized correctly, galleries can help make your content attractive.

How do you create the sales funnel?

  1. Sales funnel copywriting is essential for any business looking to increase sales. Whether you’re writing for your own sales channel or working on behalf of a client, a compelling copy can help attract and convert more customers.
  2. To write effective sales funnel copy, first understand your target audience. What do they want? What does the competition have to offer? Once you have a solid understanding of your customer, focus on crafting messaging that resonates with them.
  3. Always keep in mind the goal of your sales funnels: to get people from “interested” to “buyers” in as few steps as possible. Keep your copy concise and focused on getting people from point A (interested) to point B (buying).

The most effective methods of research to gain a greater understanding of your clients are:

  • Surveys.
  • Analysis of a case study.
  • Interviews.
  • Observation.

What is this copy doing to bring value or benefit to you and your clients?

Effective sales funnel copywriting can help your customers reach your products or services more easily and make the decision to buy more quickly. The right copy can also encourage customers to return for future purchases, recommend your products to friends, or even blog about your company.

There are a few key principles that you should keep in mind when writing sales funnel copy:
-Be clear and concise. Your readers should be able to understand what you’re saying without having to read multiple sentences.

  • appeal to customers’ emotions. Convince them that buying your product is the best thing they can do for themselves or their loved ones.
  • Leave a lasting impression.

You must show the readers why these products and services can:

  • Make their lives better.
  • Find solutions to the problems of their clients.
  • Create more efficient processes for them.
  • Make them happier in your life.
  • Demonstrate how superior this product is over similar products from competitors.
  • Or, explain to them why their hard-earned cash should be used to add value to their lives.

What are the problems or obstacles that affect your customers’ decision-making?

The potential for conversion lies in your clients’ decision-making ability.

The main factor influencing the decision to change to paying clients is their need to solve their issues.

That’s where clients’ emotions, as well as emotions in your copywriting, are at play.

If you can bring the reader’s issue before them, the problem that pops into their minds can become an emotional subject. This gives you the chance to bring out your reader’s emotions, triggering actions.

Maybe you’re copywriting for a client selling hearing aids.

What are the issues that cause hearing loss patients to purchase hearing aids?

  • What is the difference between glasses and contact lenses?
  • Glasses are worn on the eyes and contact lenses are inserted into the eye. Glasses protect the eyes from UV radiation while contact lenses filter out light that is not needed.
  • How long does it take for contact lenses to be effective?
  • It typically takes about two weeks for contact lenses to become effective.
  • What is the best way to care for contact lenses?
  • There are a few things to keep in mind when caring for contact lenses. First, always clean your lenses with a mild soap and water before putting them in the case to keep them clean and free of bacteria. Second, be sure to replace your contact lenses every year, even if you haven’t worn them for a while. Third, be careful not to scratch or rub your eyes while wearing your contacts.
  • What are the issues that cause vision loss patients to purchase specs or lens?
  • There are a few main reasons that vision loss patients might purchase specs or lenses. Some may do so in order to improve their vision overall, while others may do so in order to improve their reading or working skills. Additionally, some people may purchase specs or lenses in order to compensate for a specific type of vision loss.
  • How often do patients need to replace their specs or lens?
  • Most patients only need to replace their specs or lens every 2-4 years.
  • When will I be able to purchase them? I’m desperate for them.
  • This retail store comes with free expedited shipping.

Do you see what’s happening here?

Specs and Contact Lens customers can benefit from the same to enjoy a more comfortable life through high-quality communication.

Covering all the bases on the Five Ws: who is, what, where, what, when and why; gives the most convincing arguments for clients.

Are there any possible objections your clients might have?

You have to eliminate every reason that a customer should not make a purchase from you.

Some examples of customer complaints include:

  • “I’m happy with the situation I’m in right now.”
  • “It’s too costly.”
  • “I have been doing things without a difficulty for the last decade.”
  • “I don’t require this at the moment.”
  • “Another competitor offers superior services.”
  • “I am not sure what you are trying to convey with your product is doing.”
  • “I have to take some more time for me to consider it.”

As a copywriter, your job is to make sales by writing persuasive copy.

Consider objections an opportunity to change things that cause customers to hesitate about conducting business.

This is why research is so important.

When fully understanding your customer’s issues, requirements, concerns, and solutions, it is imperative to leave no step unturned.

Arguments are convincing reasons for your customers should purchase from your company.

Visit Lenskart site for their landing page.

The eyewear manufacturer lets customers try up to five frames free before purchasing.

This process alone will eliminate any doubts or issues customers might have.

FAQ pages can also be helpful tools to help customers understand their concerns.

Have a look at This FAQ section by Lenskart.

It provides answers to any concerns or questions customers might have. For example:

  • Do I have the right to return the item?
  • Do I have the opportunity to try them before buying them?
  • If the thing isn’t the right fit for me?
  • When will my purchase be ready?
  • Can I talk to the customer service representative?

Ending the research phase

When you have finished your study, you should be capable of answering the following questions:

  • What are your customers’ biggest challenges or issues (pain points)?
  • What are the objectives and requirements of your client?
  • What’s the unique selling feature of the service or product?
  • What solution is best that the consumer can benefit from? What are the benefits of this solution?
  • What are the possibilities for the opposition?

Suppose you cannot answer these questions with completeness. In that case, It is strongly recommended to stay clear of the copywriting process for sales funnels.

Your research can benefit customers and explain why they should purchase from you.

PAS Formula

Problem: People aren’t too enthused by the hundreds of brands they see in the market today. Each one is competing for the same budget from consumers, but offering different features and wants. So, how can you differentiate your company from the others?

Agitate: Starting a new venture is difficult. With so many companies offering similar products, it’s easy to feel like you have no idea where to start.

Solve: We are Lenskart – a unique eyewear and contact lens brand that offers stunning designs and unparalleled service for customers worldwide. Our team of experts help make you look sophisticated in an instant.

Also, learn every subject.

Beginning at the front and ending at the back.

Starting at the bottom and working up.

Create a goal to understand your client’s product and your customers better than they know.

  1. Find out the best method for how you intend to create leads.

There are two major approaches for lead generation when writing copywriting for sales funnels, and they are natural versus paid.

Strategies for organic growth

  • Social media traffic that is not paid for
  • Direct traffic
  • Search engine optimization
  • Outreach
  • Referrals

Strategies that are paid

  • Paid social media ads
  • Marketing with influencers
  • Marketing through affiliates
  • Search engine ads

Additional measures in copywriting for sales funnels

However, now that you’ve built your sales funnel, you’re not finished because this is only the beginning.

Like the retention part of the copywriting, you must:

  • Connect with your social followers Current, as well as former customers.
  • Analyze data, and measure analytics and KPIs (key performance indicators). Check out what’s working.
  • Make sure your content is updated to optimize it frequently.
  • Conduct A/B testing.
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest trends.

Copywriting for sales funnels is similar to painting a masterpiece.

It is a method of practice that requires various ingredients to achieve success.

It’s a long process, but once you have it all optimized, you’ll soon be reaping the benefits.

In conclusion, if you want to increase your sales in the future, then using a sales funnel is a great way to do it.

The best sales funnel copywriting guide will help you write effective and persuasive content that will pull in more leads and conversions. So if you want to be successful in the future, be sure to invest in a good sales funnel copywriting guide.

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