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  • By: Subir Goswami
  • Date: December 28, 2022
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Hostinger web hosting may be the perfect option for you, if you are looking for a web hosting platform in 2022.

This provider offers a wide range of plans and options, making it easy to find the perfect hosting plan for your needs.

Plus, their customer service team is available 24/7 to help you with any questions or issues. So if you’re interested in finding a hosting provider that is easy to use and provides great value, Hostinger may be the perfect choice for you!

One thing I can promise you that after reading this article you might be understood and firmly take your decision that which hosting provider you should use for making your new website.

As I have mentioned in the tittles that this review is for the beginners only, hence we are discuss mainly about the Shared hosting regarding pricing and all but will go through the overall review to understand Hostinger better.

Hostinger review specially for the beginners those who are planning to start or have started or has been started yet not get any success.

Hostinger Webhosting is Recommended as the Top Pick for Web Beginners by HostingAdvice Experts.

Hostinger is a web hosting service provider founded in 2004 but the brand is born on 2011.

They have made a name for themselves as a reliable hosting service. Many people have switched over to Hostinger because of its affordable pricing and its customer service.

Hostinger provides free website building tools, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited storage space for their customers.

All of these things are very attractive to those who are looking to start up a website. Hostinger also has a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

This means that if your site goes down for an hour or two, it will be up and running again in no time. There are many other features that Hostinger has to offer.

These include free daily backups, 24/ 7 customer support, and free SSL certificates.

Compare Hostinger to The Best Web Hosting Services

A reliable web hosting provider is crucial to the success of your website, and we’re here to assist in making the correct choice. We did a bit research to find out if Hostinger is as great as it’s claimed to be. 

We looked up, reviewed and analysed a range of web hosting options and, based on that, we narrowed down our choices.

What did we discover? 

We discovered Hostinger to be a great service. Hostinger is so excellent that we gave Hostinger the top position on our list of top web hosting providers.

What is the reason Hostinger the top choice in our ranking? Because it is the most reliable service to most people.

This means it is able to work for a wide range of individuals who want to create websites.And to top it off this is also the most affordable choice. Hostinger plans start at just $1.99 per month.

 This is something you’ll need to consider taking advantage of.

What we like most about Hostinger’s affordable cost is that it doesn’t mean that the service is affordable. 

Actually Hostinger can be a good competitor to other services on our list which have prices that are higher.

Even though Hostinger is our preferred web-based hosting service but it’s only one of many hosting options that might be suitable to meet your requirements. 

If you’re small or large corporation, a tight budget, or a genuine desire for speed, there’s something we have listed to suit your needs.

 Explore all of our top choices here take a look, take a look and choose the right choice for you.

If Hostinger is a possible option then read on for an in-depth analysis of this web-based hosting service.

Hostinger review: Pros and Cons

Like every product available in the market you will encounter pros as well as cons when selecting Hostinger for your site’s web hosting service. 

We’d like to point out a few key aspects that favor Hostinger and some potential drawbacks and give you the whole picture on which one is the best option for you.

Hostinger is SEO friendly, let’s discussed why it is so!



You can go through the Hostinger data center map to find your nearest data center based on their excellent uptime and page load speed because speed will help you increase your rank on Google (Google rank).

The Good Speedy Load Time It’s not a secret that the speed at which your site loads for your website is extremely crucial. If someone visits your site and must wait for it to load, they’re not likely to stay around for long. 

Many users don’t want to wait for more than a few seconds to have a website load.This is why we are so happy Hostinger.

Hostinger offers fast hosting speeds. And we’re not just basing it from what they tell all their customers on their website content, we’ve tried their speed on sharing hosting, VPS hosting, and WordPress hosting. And Hostinger delivers. 

For each of these hosting options, we ran the test site via Pingdom for a whole month. Each of them averaged under one second loading times for Hostinger’s VPS and WordPress hosting running at about 470 milliseconds average. 

That’s a lot faster and more efficient than almost every other hosting service we’ve tested in those areas. As proof, I have attached a screenshot of a Pingdom test.


Click on this link to try it out for yourself.

Hostinger has servers that are not just located in the United States, but also in Asia and the UK which keeps the load times as quick, regardless of where you or your guests are.

Absolutely affordable It’s not just that you experience blazingly fast website speeds with Hostinger plans, but you also get the fastest speeds on Hostinger package, the plans are priced at the lowest prices in the market.

Hostinger also uses LietSpeed technology which is essential for maintaining good web core vitals.

Pricing & Plans

Hostinger is the best pocket friendly, cheap hosting plan among the market and it is also planned for the beginners also, those who also want to start their career in this industry and earn through affiliate marketing as well.

Shared hosting can be as cheap at Rs.69/-monthly for a single website and plans that allow more than one site or provide additional resources beginning with Rs.129/- each month. WordPress hosting is very affordable and starts at Rs.99/- per month.

My recommendation will be Premium Web Hosting plan which is their best value or affordable plan in the every terms and register for a year only instead of monthly, in this way you will save more money and if you go with for 48 months then you will save 72% .


Keep in mind that the attractive rates offered are for a commitment to a long-term term up to 48 months in advance. 

This can be an issue if not quite ready to commit to four years immediately. On the other hand this means you’ll lock in the attractive price for a long time. 

If you’re not looking to take on four years of commitment immediately, Hostinger has generously extended its most affordable pricing for its Premium Shared Hosting plan to one-year commitments too. 

With that said and the following positives to follow will calm your nerves regarding committing for Hostinger in addition to the benefit you’ll receive.

30days money back Guarantee

For the first 30 days, if you feel there is a problem you can contact them and they will refund your money excluding domain registration fees.


Free SSL

With their free encrypted SSL certificate, you can protect your website and gain customer trust.

Free Domain

As soon as you register, you will receive a free domain of your choice (it can be .com, .in, or .org).

Although you can purchase your domain and hosting from multiple companies, it’s best to do it all in one place. Getting the domain for free is even better. 

Users who wish to use Hostinger’s web hosting plans beyond the single-site plan can use this option. But you will be not getting free domain from Tier one plan or basic plan.

Website Builder

By partnering with Zyro, Hostinger offers you free access to one of the top web building tools.

A Zyro website builder is an easy-to-use tool for creating a professional website and an online store. 

You can choose from more than 100 templates or drag and drop to create a stunning website from scratch.

Hostinger provides you with an online site builder at no cost, so you will not lose any flexibility in customising your site.

Simple to get started The best thing about Hostinger in testing their hosting solutions is the ease of use for users to use. 

With its clean interface, a guided setup and a dashboard, it is easy for new users to use it. Users to use the service without having to attend an entire class to get started.

Even though it’s a simple but they did not skimp on robust tools and reliable server.

The ease of use continues while you’re building your site after signing up with Hostinger and establishing the hosting account.

Let Hostinger’s wizard guide you through every step. You’ll be amazed at the speed at which it can create an operational website for you.


Customer Support

Their only support options are Live Chat and tickets, which are not up to par.


There is no phone support:

Sometimes you need a person on the other end of the line to help you with a concern, and unfortunately Hostinger doesn’t offer this option. 

The only method to reach Customer Support is through live chat. This is nice, but not exactly the same as calling a representative to guide you through issues which are most likely to be difficult.

Apart from the phone call support, there were no other venerable faults with this hosting platform.


Hostinger hPanel

The hosting company uses hPanel, which promotes their brand instead of cPanel, but you didn’t encounter any issues with their hPanel because it is easier to use than regular cPanel.

Hostinger Pricing and Options

Hostinger offers many different plans to select from. Each offers distinct features designed to meet particular needs.

There’s no free plan that is available through Hostinger However, Hostinger’s single shared Hosting Plan is so cheap that it’s almost free. This is an excellent beginning point.

Hostinger Single

The most fundamental plan offered by Hostinger is part of web hosting services that are shared this means your website is on the same server as other websites. 

This is ideal for people who don’t have money for costly web hosting since the cost of hosting is divided among many other sites. But the downside about this is that speed may be compromised due to the fact that there are many users using this server.

But, if you’re just beginning with an online presence The Single plan will give you the information you require to get started.

Cloud Hosting

If you’re thinking of cloud hosting as a substitute for. the traditional sharing hosting model, look at Hostinger’s services.

Not sure about what cloud hosting actually is? We’ve got you covered. 

Cloud hosting is different from traditional hosting in that instead of your website having to be hosted by a singular server it’s hosted in the cloud.

This gives you greater flexibility and scaling.

Cloud hosting plans start with Startup price of Rs.799/- per month over 12-months. This is an excellent starting position. 

If you’re looking for additional features, the Hostinger’s suggested cloud service is Professional plan, which costs Rs.1499/-month and lasts for up to 12 months. 

If you require more than this you can choose the Cloud Enterprise plan might be what you’re looking to get, and it will cost Rs.5099/-month during the 12-month period.

The significant increase in cost from the Professional to the Cloud Enterprise package is due a handful of options, including four times the speed increase from the Startup Plan, 300 GB SSD Storage,12 GB RAM 6 CPU cores and many more.

VPS Hosting

If you’re trying to stand out on your company’s website and website, then VPS hosting might be the best option for you. 

VPS is a shorthand for virtual private server. it means you own your own server, as opposed to sharing it with other users.

Hostinger offers eight different VPS hosting plans, starting at Rs.229/-/month for 12 months. 

The price comes with 1GB of RAM, 2GB SSD storage and 1TB bandwidth. 

These plans come with additional features over the plans earlier and allow you to upgrade towards an VPS 8 plan which includes 16 GB RAM, 250GB SSD Disk as well as 12TB of bandwidth. The cost is Rs.5999/month to cover 12-months.

Minecraft Hosting

Hostinger provides an exclusive hosting service which its rivals do not offer: Minecraft hosting plan that is designed to gamers. Hosting begins with Alex plan Rs.639/month with a 12-month contract and comes with plans that can go as high as Rs.5999/month during the 12-month period, which is called Wolf Plan.

Through this service, you’ll be able to create custom game modifications as well as other things.

In terms of hosting, there’s plenty of choices with Hostinger. Hostinger also offers WordPress hosting which is a popular option for many who are building websites.

Hosting for everyone is available Hostinger has something for everyone. Hostinger So, do some further reading to determine which is the best plan for you.

Comparing The Best Web Hosting Services

Although Hostinger is in the very top spot of top internet hosting solutions There are other excellent choices that were included in my list.

  • Hostinger – Great for ensuring that uptime stays at or above 99.99 percent
  • Fastcomet – Cheap & Best cloud hosting services
  • HostGator is ideal for growing your small business quickly
  • DreamHost – Best pay-as-you-go web hosting
  • Bluehost – Best drag-and-drop page builder for beginners, ideal for WordPress user.
  • inMotion hosting Best rate for hosting 2 websites under one plan
  • A2 Hosting – Most reliable web hosting service for European and Asian audience

Hostinger vs bluehost vs GoDaddy hosting comparison.

We are able to recommend Hostinger for a variety of scenarios. It’s an excellent choice for websites with a new design that require high-quality hosting for a reasonable price. 

Hostinger is also a great alternative for sites with higher traffic who want to grow without changing providers.

If you are looking for a complete solution to building a website and obtaining all your web hosting requirements under one umbrella, Hostinger even has a website builder program that is included in hosting services. 

Although its uptime and speed may not be the top in the market, Hostinger is still a trusted provider that can meet the needs of the majority of websites.


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